John Cena: Why He Needs to Win Against Alberto Del Rio

By Aydin Reyhan
John Cena
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

John Cena is just about the toughest WWE wrestler that there is in the company today. Why? It is quite simple really: he not only takes abuse in the middle of the ring but from the many fans around the nation as well. He takes the boos in stride and allows the cheers to boost his performance up to the very best level. The man is a living legend.

Before anyone goes nuts, let me say this real quick. He is nowhere near the most exciting wrestler since he has three good moves: the Attitude Adjustment, STFU and the good old Five Knuckle Shuffle. The first two moves are simply sensational but the last one is nothing short of a joke.

Come on son, time to shake things up.

Then again, some people are truly old school and do not believe in changing. Cena happens to be one of these people as he has played in this good guy role for the better part of a decade now. If there was ever a time to change, it would be now. But what Mr. Cena needs to realize is that he does not have to change who he is but maybe he does need to add a few new moves to his repertoire.

The man was wrestling with the weirdest looking elbow that was ever seen in the history of professional wrestling. He wanted to keep on going but a much-needed surgery kept him out of action for three months. Finally, at Hell In A Cell, he gets the chance to wrestle for the second biggest title in the company — the World Heavyweight Championship in his first match back.

Yes folks, that is supposed to be exciting and I for one cannot wait to see the Michigan native back in action … and you should be counting down the next 13 days as well.

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