We've "Cena-Nuff" Of John Cena And It's Time For A Change

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy – John Cena, Official WWE Universe Facebook page

Not John Cena, again.

Cena is miraculously back from his torn triceps injury, and will wrestle Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in the Cell.

In the words of The Miz, “Really?”

We all know Cena will  be the face of the company for as long as he wants, but the WWE is never going to grow if it can’t push new stars, which they have no problem doing. The biggest difference between the WWE and every other wrestling promotion out there is that the WWE has always been able to create new stars, and often push them to carry the promotion. However, that really hasn’t happened lately. The WWE has a wealth of superstars ready to lead the brand: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, just to name a few, but the they doesn’t seem to allow them to get off the ground.

It’s true that ratings dropped without Cena on weekly television, but that probably had more to do with the bad booking. Bryan was the hottest guy in the company, but the fans seemed to give up on him and his chances of winning the WWE title. The other hot guy in the company, CM Punk, is essentially feuding with his manager. It’s a great feud, only because of Punk and Heyman’s brilliance on the microphone and in their performances. It’s the wrong time for this kind of storyline, however.

The fans have been wanting to cheer for Ziggler for more than a year, but he’s not booked to be a big star. He loses too much and doesn’t get nearly enough microphone time. Del Rio is a great heel persona and performer, but he is treated as more of a caricature than a fearless, bad guy.

Cena is back now, and the WWE universe can revolve around him again. Cena is a tremendous everything in wrestling, but the WWE should stop relying on him so much and try to elevate some new stars, even if ratings take a hit for a little while.

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