WWE's Bray Wyatt Injured Saturday Night In Match With Darren Young

By Joshua Molina
Photo courtesy Bray Wyatt, Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

The WWE‘s sleeper star Bray Wyatt was reportedly injured at a house show Saturday night in Providence, Long Island.

Wyatt suffered what appears to be a serious calf injury in a match against Darren Young, who recently came out as the first openly gay active wrestler in WWE history. The Wyatt family was in a match against Young, Titus O’Neil and R-Truth.

Wyatt appeared to injure the calf after running into the ringside barricade and falling over the railing. The referee put up the “X” symbol — a way to let the crews in back know that the injury is legitimate, and not worked. The match ended early, with the Wyatt family going over.

Wyatt debuted after a several weeks of build-up on television. His character is loosely based on that of a crazed hillbilly, the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to run into while lost in the woods. He competed in a “Ring of Fire” match against Kane in his Summer Slam debut.

Wyatt is actually a third-generation wrestler, the son of Mike Rotunda, who enjoyed successful runs in the WWE as Mike Rotundo and later as Irwin R. Schyster. Wyatt’s uncle is Barry Windham and grandfather, Windham’s dad, is Blackjack Mulligan.

He got his start in the WWE as Husky Harris in the NXT, teaming up with the likes of David Otunga and Health Slater.

Wyatt is somewhat of a throwback character. The WWE introduced him after weeks of video vignettes, attempting to get behind a character before revealing him on live TV.

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