WWE: Will Shawn Michaels Ever Wrestle One More Match?

By Damian Seeto
Shawn Michaels Now Retired
Image from Shawn Michaels – WWE Universe Facebook

With WrestleMania XXX just around the corner, is this a big enough event to see Shawn Michaels wrestle again?

Michaels is without a doubt one of the best in-ring performers of all time. Even though he never reached the level of popularity like The Rock or Hulk Hogan, he’s still considered to be a huge draw. Not only that, but he trained Daniel Bryan to be a wrestler and this did wonders for everyone.

There has been some backstage chatter that Michaels might be interested in wrestling one more match at WrestleMania XXX. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but Michaels is actually fit and healthy enough to wrestle again.

Unlike Stone Cold Steve Austin and other wrestlers that have retired, Michaels left the business relatively healthy. He did not have any career-threatening injuries and he was only 44 years old when he retired. The main reason he left was to spend more time with his family and to have a rest from WWE‘s hectic schedule.

If Michaels did want to wrestle one more time, it’s possible he could face Triple H. These two have faced each other lots of times in the past, but never at a WrestleMania. The closest time was WrestleMania XX when they were involved in a Triple Threat match also involving Chris Benoit. Because of Benoit’s heinous crime, most people have erased that match from the history books …

If Michaels decides to wrestle again, I’d personally like to see him face someone else. A match against Bryan, CM Punk or even the Rock would be more interesting than another match with Triple H.

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