WWE: Triple H Needs To Stop

By Aydin Reyhan
Triple H
Photo courtesy of Triple H’s official Facebook page

The fans know him as the cerebral assassin, the Game or simply as Triple H. He is one of the best in the business and has proven himself time and time again in the middle of the ring. However, as the Chief Operating Officer, he has become nothing short of a menace.

Whether it is making a fool out of the biggest man in the business, the Big Show, or disallowing Daniel Bryan to become the well-deserved and fan-requested face of the company, Triple H is abusing his power. This has to stop immediately as the fans are growing tired of the same old boring story lines.

Okay, yes we all know that the writers are responsible for what is said and what matches take place on a nightly basis but let us not forget that it is management who influences the ones writing the scripts. Vince McMahonStephanie McMahon or Triple H himself has a say as they are the true owners of the business. In fact, when McMahon finally retires and goes off to Aruba for a never-ending vacation, it will be Triple H (Paul White) who takes the reigns if Shane McMahon is not the one chosen by the current chairman (Vince).

If it weren’t for the fans that splash an unimaginable amount of cash every night to visit these arenas to watch their favorite wrestlers perform, there would be no WWE. Without the fans cheering and jeering all night, the show is basically a bunch of people pretending to hurt one another.

Come on son.

Triple H needs to ease up on the better wrestlers and give the fans what it is that they want.

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