Daniel Bryan: Has to Prove He Is the Face of WWE

By Aydin Reyhan
Daniel Bryan
Photo courtesy of Daniel Bryan’s Facebook page

The WWE is full of talent when it comes to wrestling and talking up a storm in front of the millions of fans watching both live at the arena and on TV’ at home around the world. The storylines give fans something to talk about before, during and after work with friends and family because it actually brightens up the moods of everyone when something good happens.

Daniel Bryan is a wrestler that seemingly every single fan loves. Therefore, he needs to be successful in winning the WWE title in two weeks at Hell In A Cell when he faces off against Randy Orton for yet one more time. This would be getting old, but this rivalry heats up even more each time they have a clash of words — or fists for that matter. This is going to be an awesome fight.

Regardless, Bryan is without a shadow of a doubt the most talented wrestler at the heavyweight level. He defeated a slightly injured John Cena fair and square and did the same against a very healthy Orton before being stripped by Triple H due to a fast count by the referee. Honestly, Orton was not kicking out anyway, so stripping Bryan was ridiculous, even though it was part of the story.

Now, the man who raises his arms up and screams “yes!” to get a rise out of the fans in order to get himself going has to prove once again that his small size does not matter against a big guy in the Viper. This will not be an easy task but hey, he did it before, so he will do it again. It’s plain and simple — no interference, no fast counts and no rule changes by management will bring Bryan glory.

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