WWE: Dean Ambrose Is The Best Member Of The Shield

By Aydin Reyhan
Dean Ambrose
Photo courtesy of Dean Ambrose’s Facebook page

As we all know by now, the Shield is a true force in the WWE today. Every time they walk down from the rafters while their music plays, just a bit of fear is instilled into opponents who know that they are about to face some trouble. Each member has his own specialty so when put together, they are extremely difficult to defeat.

Seth Rollins is the quickest, fastest and seemingly takes the most amount of punishment between him and his teammates. He kicks out of pins in the most unlikeliest of situations and with his athletic ability, he gives opponents headaches throughout the matches.

Roman Reigns is the strongest and can do the most amount of damage as his version of the spear finishes off opponents almost every time he connects. He is a good team player as he always has the back of his two group members.

Finally, we have Dean Ambrose — the leader of the Shield who barks out orders. He is the best on the mic and truly plays the part to his fullest potential. He is the United States champion because he knows how to win matches even without his teammates. In fact, he is the best individual of the three and proved so this past Wednesday night when he defeated Dolph Ziggler fair and square after kicking out of some close pin counts.

When this group finally splits up, odds are that Ambrose will be the most successful of the three when it comes to singles competition. He has proven it thus far and will continue to do so with more experience.

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