Will WWE Network Ever Come?

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk in WWE
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

The WWE Network was supposed to get off the ground in April 2012. It’s now late 2013 and there has been no further announcements on it.

WWE initially had big plans for its own network. They initially wanted it to launch in April 2012 to coincide with WrestleMania XVIII. This would have been great timing since it was the buildup for the first John Cena vs. the Rock match. Alas, WWE decided to postpone the launch of the network and nothing else has been heard of it ever since.

The network was going to have unique and exclusive shows. One of them was a reality TV show called “Legends House” where some of the WWE Hall of Famers had to live all in the same house. Another pitch was about the WWE Divas. This show became “Total Divas”, which went to the E! Channel instead.

A part of me isn’t sure how WWE will debut the network properly. Not to mention, what will they show on the network? I’ve noticed they’ve been uploading full matches and segments on their YouTube channel. Also, other YouTube users upload other archival footage and even full-length PPVs. What other types of programming do they think wrestling fans are going to actually pay for?

I remember reading that some PPVs would have been exclusive to the WWE Network while subscribers would receive a “discount” on others. Whether or not the company still wants to implement this model remains to be seen. In either case, I don’t think we’ll see the Network until 2015 at this rate.

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