Can TNA Survive Much Longer?

By Damian Seeto
Impact Wrestling Arena
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

TNA Wrestling held its “biggest” PPV of the year, although many seats were empty at the arena that night.

Bound for Glory is advertised as TNA’s biggest event. It may not be as big as WWE’s WrestleMania, but it’s billed as their best event of the year. Even though Bound for Glory was a pretty entertaining PPV, nobody actually saw the event in person.

Many people posted photos online of the actual attendance for the event. You could actually see a lot of empty red seats that night. The event was held at the Viejas Arena in San Diego, California. The arena typically holds about 12,000 people. The photos posted suggest that not even half of the arena’s capacity was full that night.

This is a huge blow to a company that is already facing a lot of financial troubles lately. The company had to let go a number of wrestlers recently to save money and had to revise their plans to take their live shows “on the road”. The fact that nobody is buying tickets to their shows should be a warning sign to the company.

It’s quite sad how TNA is struggling like this. The company could become popular, but poor decisions have made them lose more fans than gain them. I’m not sure what TNA will do, but they need to think of something fast. If nobody is watching the product, how will they be able to stay afloat? You cannot run a company with no fans.

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