WWE: Stephanie McMahon Should Return to Wrestling

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Stephanie McMahon, Official WWE Universe Facebook page

Stephanie McMahon should make a serious attempt at being a full-time WWE star. She’sgot the look and the swagger and possesses some serious Vince McMahon inside her.

Stephanie often appears on WWE television in spurts, like she is in the current McMahon family vs. Daniel Bryan storyline.

The billion dollar-princess, however, is underused. She’s a legitimate star with incredible presence. She is twice the performer her brother Shane McMahon is, outshines her mother on the microphone and at times approaches the level of her father.

For some reason, McMahon married Triple H, and has really only been involved in storylines involving him. But she should make a run as the Divas champion. She is athletic and a decent worker. The Divas division needs a serious pick-me-up.

The current crop of WWE Divas are mostly there for looks. There’s not a lot of great wrestling involving the women of the WWE. Look how successful the UFC has been with Ronda Rousey. The WWE needs to introduce a serious women’s character who can intimidate the men.

McMahon has gotten attention recently from her training in boxing. Now would be a perfect time for her to clean up the division and possibly win the Divas title at Wrestlemania 30.

McMahon is a former women’s champion. She feuded with the Lita during the 1990s and displayed some genuine in-ring talent.

McMahon should break away from her role as wife of Triple H and create some memories with her inside the ring. Shane McMahon isn’t around. It’s up to Stephanie, not Triple H, to be the star of the McMahon family.

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