Triple H Promo Causes Controversy

By Damian Seeto
Triple H The Boss
Image from Triple H – WWE Universe Facebook

Triple H stirred some people’s feelings during the promo he did in this week’s episode of Raw.

There is the current storyline that Triple H doesn’t like the fact that Daniel Bryan has become so popular. He feels he looks too small and doesn’t fit the image of a traditional WWE Superstar. He also mentioned that he will never be considered as “the guy” that will carry the company.

The controversy came when he named other guys that he felt were like Bryan. They were popular and talented wrestlers, although they never reached the top step of the WWE ladder. The three names he called out were Rob Van Dam, Edge and Chris Jericho.

His comments stirred the pot because some people are thinking he’s talking as Paul Levesque (his real name) and not Triple H. Putting realism into storyline is okay in my opinion, but not when you’re out there to bury guys that are popular with fans.

He also said that he’d never fight Bryan because he only comes out to fighter real “stars”. He named guys like the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and the Rock as stars worthy enough for him to fight. Not only is this insulting to Bryan, but did he imply that RVD, Jericho and Edge weren’t worthy opponents too?

I know Triple H is playing the heel character, although it sounds like he’s blurring the lines between fiction and reality sometimes. Triple H has faced guys like Edge, RVD and Jericho in the past, although I don’t recall anytime those three men actually scored a clean pinfall victory over him.

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