WWE Hell In A Cell: Daniel Bryan Cheated Yet Again

By Aydin Reyhan
Daniel Bryan
Photo courtesy of Daniel Bryan’s official Facebook page

How man times is too many times when it comes to Daniel Bryan being cheated out of success? Well, judging by tonight’s result of his WWE title match against Randy Orton, the answer is too many.

The talented YES! man was nothing short of brave in tonight’s match, but due to a misunderstanding with special guest referee Shawn Michaels, Bryan was kicked in the face then pinned for the one, two and then three, which awarded Orton the WWE title.

Bryan was thrown down by Triple H, so when he retaliated with the knee to the face, little did he know that Michaels saw the whole thing and only assumed that it was a one-way attack. Therefore, he defended his best friend and boss by doing what he thought was right.

Well, it was another sour ending to a somewhat decent PPV event.

On a better note, John Cena returned to defeat Alberto Del Rio for his first World Heavyweight title in five years. This is something that he truly needed after a tough couple of months.

What was surprising was how the camera in the back kept showing Money In The Bank holder Damian Sandow watching the match intently on a TV screen but he didn’t decide to come out and spoil the return of Cena. Then again, he may choose to the respectful thing and challenge the new champ in the near future. Then again, maybe not.

Overall, this was a decent PPV with some entertaining champions but it was not worth the price tag. The good news is that in four weeks time we will witness one of this company’s bread and butter events in the Survivor Series which always promises to be a good one.

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