Daniel Bryan Should Up And Walk Away From WWE

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Facebook

Daniel Bryan should walk out on the WWE.

Yes, he makes good money. He’s certainly one of the more successful wrestlers in the WWE. He’s come a long way and should be proud. But, the company has unfortunately misused Bryan in every possible way since his rapid rise to the top. He needs to be WWE champion. He should have been WWE champion at Summer Slam, but the WWE instead insisted that Randy Orton cash in his Money in the Bank suitcase to ruin Bryan’s plan.

The two have been wrestling at pay-per-views ever since, and the match usually ends with a disputed decision. Forget it. Bryan should get up and walk out, CM Punk-style.

Bryan should disappear and go buy a front row ticket for a TNA show. The WWE needs to realize how much Bryan contributes to the company. For every little guy who was a great worker but never enjoyed a long run as champion, Bryan should walk out. He may be putting his career on the line, but the WWE needs to understand that Bryan was the hottest thing going in the company for the last several months, yet they have decided to ruin his big moment.

If Bryan doesn’t want to walk out of the WWE for real, he should at least pitch the idea to the WWE as a storyline. The WWE is hurting Bryan’s credibility as a potential WWE champion every time the outcome of one his matches has some weird ending. Bryan is the most popular guy in wrestling right now. Why mess with him? They should put the title on him.

If the WWE doesn’t, Bryan should walk out and sit out his contract. It’s a shame how the WWE keeps messing with him and his title chances.

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