John Cena Is WWE Champ Again And Should Turn Heel

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Facebook

The champ is here! And carrying around Ric Flair‘s belt. Ugh.

It’s true that the kids love John Cena and that he sells merchandise, but there has to be someone else the WWE can put in the top spot. Cena doesn’t even need to be champion. If the WWE insists on keeping him as the top guy in the sport, the company should at least figure out a way for him to turn heel.

His character as a good guy is stale. Cena is so much better as a rapper talking smack about everybody than he is as the happy, dopey frat boy. He doesn’t even need to turn into Hollywood Hogan-type heel. Cena just needs to be himself but loosen up with his promos. He needs to move away from the comedy and more toward the clever raps and insults. Cena should not be scripted. He needs to be allowed to speak from the heart and write his own material.

Cena isn’t back for any compelling reason other than to boost ratings, live show attendance and merchandise sales. There’s no storyline that absolutely needs him involved. The Hulk Hogan character in the WWE got old. Again, it got old in WCW. It wasn’t until Hogan turned heel as a member of the NWO that wrestling got hot again.

Cena doesn’t need to turn into major heel. Let him talk to his fans, however. Let him shoot off on the microphone. Let him get real on the wrestlers.

The idea that he is champ again, rather than a guy like Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, is ludicrous. If he must be on TV everyday, the WWE should change his character and make him relevant and fresh again.

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