Randy Orton And John Cena Are Champs Again

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Champ Again
Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

A familiar sight occurred at the Hell in a Cell PPV as two of the WWE‘s main event stars are on top of the ladder once again.

Randy Orton and John Cena are the “new” WWE and World Heavyweight Champions respectively. I’ve said this many times before, but it seems as if the WWE are still not confident in building new stars. They still feel the need to push these guys in the main events and let them become champions for more times than I can count.

The main reason they made Cena champion again is because the ratings were getting low. Cena was supposed to be gone from injury for a few months, but came back early as it wasn’t as serious as initially thought. As for Orton, he’s champion once again because Shawn Michaels kicked Daniel Bryan, who was again robbed of the WWE title.

I don’t have a problem with Cena and Orton, but both of these guys have been on top since 2004-2005. Eight years later, they are still in the same position while others feel like they’re being held back. There have been many good wrestlers over the years, but the WWE refuse to put them over in favor of these two.

The WWE will be in a lot of trouble 5-10 years from now once Orton and Cena get too old. If they don’t push new stars now, they might lose a lot of viewers in the future.

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