Shawn Michaels Should Fight Bryan At WrestleMania

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Shawn Michaels — Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

So Shawn Michaels turned on Daniel Bryan at WWE Hell in the Cell?

It’s about time. Michaels as a heel again is long overdue. The Heartbreak Kid was one of the greatest heel’s of all time. Cocky, arrogant and really talented, Michaels had all the makings of a great bad guy. He was such a great worker that the WWE frequently pushed him as a good guy, but it was never a good fit for him. When he, Triple H and Chyna started the original Degeneration X, he was at his best as a genuine bad guy.

Now it looks like we may see some of that bad guy again.

Michaels, of course, trained Bryan, so it’s a good old-fashioned booking to see the master turn on his student. There’s only one problem — Michaels is retired, so how will Bryan get his revenge?

Michaels may be hinting at coming out of retirement. HBK retired in 2010 and promised the world that he would do his best to stay retired. But this is wrestling, and wrestlers come back from retirement all the time. Terry Funk has retired about 20 times. Ric Flair? Same deal. No one is going to hold it against Michaels if he comes out of retirement for one more match.

Besides, if Michaels were to come back, doing so against a guy like Bryan would be perfect. He trained him. He trusts him. They know each other well. Michaels could have a five-star match with Bryan and put Bryan over.

Michaels has a few good matches left in him. A match against Bryan is worth breaking a promise and coming out of retirement for.

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