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WWE: 5 Opponents That Should Bring Shawn Michaels Out Of Retirement

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5 Opponents For Shawn Michaels If He Returns To The WWE

Photo Courtesy of Shawn Michaels Official Facebook

If you don't understand professional wrestling, it would be hard for anybody to explain how great Shawn Michaels is in the ring. Take the greats in every major sport, combine them and you still wouldn't get Michaels. Michaels tore the house down every time he stepped into a WWE ring. It didn't matter if he was wrestling Mankind, Vader or Ric Flair. Michaels had a gift for timing and storytelling inside the ring. Combined with his amazing athleticism, he was no doubt the best worker of all time.

He had two careers and was great in both of them. A back injury in 1998 put him on the shelf, ending nearly a decade of excellent tag team and singles wrestling, much of it as a heel. He returned four years later and ended up being even greater than he was the first time around. When Michaels came back, he gave up the ego and no longer cared about winning or losing. In doing so, his matches became spectacles of endurance, athleticism and art. He turned in great matches with guys such as Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Randy Orton and The Undertaker.

Michaels retired again in 2010 and has enjoyed a career as TV hunter. HBK, however, appears to be gearing up for some kind of WWE return based on his storyline with Daniel Bryan. Michaels gave Bryan the Sweet Chin Music at Hell in the Cell, allowing Orton to pin Bryan and win the title. It would be strange for Michaels to play such an active role and not consider returning to the ring

If Michaels returns to the ring, the fans are the real winners. HBK can do it all. Here are five wrestlers Michaels should battle if he decides to return to the WWE.

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5. Alberto Del Rio

Photo Courtesy Alberto Del Rio Official WWE Universe Facebook

Alberto Del Rio is one of the best workers in the business, although he doesn't get to show it a lot. A guy like Michaels would bring out the best in him, and possible turn Del Rio from a B+ performer to the A+ star he is capable of being.

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4. Daniel Bryan

Photo Courtesy Daniel Bryan Official WWE Universe Facebook

The teacher vs. the student. We're talking about new and improved versions of the HBK vs. Kurt Angle matches. Bryan will clearly never be the face of the WWE. So let's let him make history in an epic matchup with HBK.

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3. Dean Ambrose

Photo Courtesy Dean Ambrose Official WWE Universe Facebook

The rising star Dean Ambrose from The Shield wrestles a lot like a young Michaels. This could be a real 'passing of the torch' match.

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2. John Cena

Photo Courtesy of John Cena Official WWE Universe Facebook

Who remembers their one-hour draw on Monday Night Raw nearly a decade ago? Only Michaels could make John Cena look like Lou Thesz.

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1. CM Punk

Photo Courtesy CM Punk Official WWE Universe Facebook

The best in the world vs. the greatest worker of all time. This is the match that everybody would pay to see.