Is Paul Heyman Gone From WWE TV?

By Damian Seeto
Paul Heyman WWE
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Ever since WWE lost faith in Ryback, there’s a chance we may not see Paul Heyman on television for the next few months.

Heyman’s feud with CM Punk was supposed to last until the end of the year. It appears that the entire feud ended at the Hell in a Cell PPV as Punk will now be feuding against the Wyatt Family going into Survivor Series.

If Heyman is to be off television, this is bad news for both Ryback and Curtis Axel. Heyman served as the mouthpiece for both men, but now he won’t be there to support them. It looks like WWE lost interest in both men as they were on losing streaks for the past few weeks anyway.

Heyman is unlikely to return until Brock Lesnar comes back early next year. Lesnar is expected to be facing off against the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX in a mega-match for the ages.

Axel is currently injured, so this leaves Ryback on his own with Heyman gone from television. It’s unfortunate that WWE dropped the ball on Ryback. I thought his alignment with Heyman would have kick started his career again. Now it appears he’ll be an afterthought once more.

This is very unfortunate as WWE is again pushing the same people. Not only are Randy Orton and John Cena champions again, but it looks like they’re booking the Big Show in a main event storyline against Orton. Do we need to see Big Show vs. Orton again?

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