Is Roman Reigns WWE's Next Big Star?

By Damian Seeto
Roman Reigns Looking Tough
Image from The Shield – WWE Facebook

The WWE could be on the verge of giving Roman Reigns a huge push in the future.

There are hints that Reigns could be line for a huge babyface push. This is because the Shield have been around for over a year now and is likely to be breaking up soon. Not to mention, WWE is now pushing the Wyatt Family and it doesn’t make sense having two similar heel teams on the roster.

Reigns is the only guy on the team that I feel that could be a babyface. Dean Ambrose‘s character is too evil for fans to get behind, while I feel Seth Rollins needs more work overall for fans to like him too.

Reigns may not be the best talker, but he has a hulking physical presence that the other two guys lack. He’s also related to the Rock and Triple H is a huge fan of the guy too. Down the road, I could see Reigns being an important part of the company.

WWE really needs to get behind new stars ASAP anyway. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, fans are already bored of seeing John Cena and Randy Orton all of the time. Even Big Show is getting pushed into the main event storylines again. The only new stars they’ve created recently have been CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Hopefully when the Shield breaks up, WWE doesn’t forget about them. There have been too many wrestlers stuck in mid-card limbo lately, and it’s about time we see someone new in the main events.

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