WWE Rumors: Title Unification Match To Take Place at Wrestlemania 30?

By Andrew Fisher
John Cena
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only November, but the Wrestlemania 30 rumors are already flying across the internet. The latest and greatest involves none other than WWE company man John Cena. The champ is of course here once again, as Cena recently captured the World Heavyweight Title. At the same time, Randy Orton once again became WWE champion. So it’s with those results, that rumors of a title unification bout have started.

The basis of the rumors is the fact that Orton has continually been labeled as the ‘face of WWE’ during recent storylines. Of course, we all know that Cena is really the face of the company. So it would be extremely easy to draw up a couple months worth of storylines between the two in a battle to become the true face of WWE. On top of that, Cena and Orton have never squared off in a one-on-one bout at Mania. The two have a storied past and we all know a Mania match is a good way to cap things off.

While I like the idea of a unification bout and I think Cena versus Orton would sell, I’ll be worried about WM XXX as a whole if that’s the main event. That could be a match on the card, but it just doesn’t jump out at you like Mania main events of the past. At the same time, a unification bout really has to be the main event, or it just underscores the titles.

Perhaps, someone else will come along and win the WWE title? CM Punk, I’m looking in your direction.

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