Anticipation Emerges As Kane Broadens His Character With The Authority

By williambontrager
Kane WWE Universe Facebook Page

The “Big Red Machine” is back, but he dons a suit and a tie now.

Yes, Undertaker‘s brother has turned corporate, joining the Authority. This is the move that Kane needed. Not only is he scarier, but he has also seemed to wriggle (as much as a freakish hellish monster can) out of the box that the WWE put him in. He could only go so far with the, “demon’s son” shtick, but now he can use his attitude and charisma to breathe fresh life, or death, into the character.

I liken him to Bradshaw in a way. Sure, he was tough as an Acolyte. Once Stone Cold‘s personality caught on like a wildfire in the late 90s, though, Bradshaw fit right in as he was swilling beer with Ron Simmons and playing cards, riding the tide of emerging antiheroes.

However, once his sights broadened, he became a perfect heel. With George W. Bush unsavory public reception, Bradshaw vaulted himself into that familiar warm hated zone of wrestling fans, solidifying his position as a dynamic entertainer. He walked, talked, and acted like the former president and because of that, he pushed his career beyond his performance in the squared circle.

Like Bradshaw, Kane will be an excellent and versatile heel. He still has that dark spiritual presence even in a three piece suit. Time and time again, he has shown his capability on the microphone with his hilarious exchanges with Daniel Bryan.

I applaud WWE finally for getting something right among their recent blunders. John Cena was babied back from injury with a title, the predictable and boring Randy Orton overcame  Bryan, and too many of their stories have been written in a lazy manner. At least Kane will make Raw worth watching in the weeks to come.

So for those who may want to cling to tired tradition, please let Kane out of that box. This character has a wide range that extends past the weary Gothic rhetoric he was spawned in. I am actually excited again to see what Kane does on Smackdown this week.

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