Why Is Big Show Getting A Huge Push?

By Damian Seeto
Big Show Getting Pushed
Image from Big Show – WW Universe Facebook

Why is Big Show getting a huge push all of a sudden instead of younger wrestlers?

It made sense a few weeks ago when Big Show was aiding Daniel Bryan. He wasn’t the main focus of the show as he was trying to make Bryan look better by helping him out. Now that Bryan is out of the WWE Title picture, why are the storylines focusing on Big Show?

Big Show is a great wrestler for his size, although I think it’s weird they are pushing him this late in his career. I was even more bewildered that the WWE Title match at Survivor Series is him facing off against Randy Orton. Do fans really want to pay to see this match on PPV?

Maybe WWE is pushing Big Show because he plans on retiring soon. Although he’s 41 years old that age is not too old for him to retire. The only reason I think he’s being pushed is because they are reluctant to push anyone else.

WWE has given up on Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. Kofi Kingston‘s push died in 2009 while Wade Barrett hasn’t been seen on TV for months. The Miz is now a lost cause as is R-Truth. The only main event stars they have now are Bryan and CM Punk, but they’re currently feuding with The Wyatt Family.

This year’s Survivor Series might be a sign that the company is in serious need to push new stars if Big Show vs. Orton is to be the main event.

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