WWE Only Likes Big Wrestlers

By Damian Seeto
Big Show Is Large
Image from Big Show – WWE Universe Facebook

It appears as if the WWE is going back to the old days of pushing big guys over smaller guys.

I was wondering why Big Show was getting a huge push all of a sudden. This is because the WWE is looking to push huge guys in hopes to attract a wider audience again. The reason for this is because they were disappointed with the recent buy rates and TV rating lately. It appears they’re blaming this on the small Daniel Bryan.

The WWE has always pushed huge wrestlers over the years. In the ’80s, guys like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant were the biggest stars. It wasn’t until the ’90s that smaller wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a chance to shine.

In 2011, it seemed like the company were rewarding in-ring talent over size. Wrestlers like CM Punk and Christian were in the main events and it appeared like “change” was coming. This opened the door for the very small Bryan to shine in 2013. Alas, the WWE doesn’t feel Bryan attracts a wider audience, which is why he’s now out of the WWE Title picture. This is the main reason why Big Show is suddenly getting a push as they feel casual fans may prefer him.

If the WWE continues with this mindset, Bryan may be a mid-card wrestler for the rest of his life. In the future, it won’t surprise me if guys like Big E Langston and Roman Reigns get huge pushes because they have big bodies. Any wrestler with a small physique will be stuck on the lower card.

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