AJ Styles Should Stay Away From WWE And Stay In TNA

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy AJ Styles, Facebook

AJ Styles is a great wrestler, which is why he should stay in TNA.

Look no further than what’s happening with Daniel Bryan to see Styles’ future. Coupled with the fact that Styles is even shorter than Bryan and is not as good on the microphone, Styles’ future is clear, and it’s not exactly bright in the WWE.

Bryan would no doubt have some excellent matches with guys such as Bryan, Punk and Dolph Ziggler, but then he would probably end up getting knocked out by The Big Show on Monday Night Raw and then end up teaming with Santino Marella, The Great Kahli and Hornswaggle.

At this point, the WWE’s interest in Styles is probably good-natured, but there’s no guarantee he’s ever going to be treated with the big-star status that is afforded wrestlers with larger biceps.

If Bryan can’t get into the main event of WrestleMania, then Styles has absolutely no chance.

Styles may not have much of a future either in TNA. The organization appears to have plateaued, and Styles hasn’t even been used as a top guy in TNA recently. But at least in TNA he has a history and a legacy. He matters in the annals of history of the organization. There’s a whole host of guys in the WWE right now who the WWE created who are struggling. Ziggler, Fandango, Kingston, Damien Sandow and Bryan are all great workers, but all have been buried recently for no good reason other than that they aren’t super-big competitors.

If Eddie Guerrero, one of the Top 20 great workers of all time, debuted in the WWE today, would he be a big star? Probably not.

Styles should be proud of his accomplishments, but as long as the WWE is treating Bryan like a mid-carder, small guys with options should consider looking elsewhere.

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