CM Punk Belongs In The Main Event Of WrestleMania, Not John Cena vs. Randy Orton

By Joshua Molina
Photo courtesy of CM Punk’s Official WWE Universe Facebook page

Next year’s WrestleMania should not be headlined by John Cena vs. Randy Orton.

This may be Pat Patterson’s idea of an appealing main event, but for fans of originality in wrestling, the WWE must do better.

It would appear as though the WWE is heading toward a Cena vs. Orton main event, in a supreme unification match between the sport’s two top stars of most of the last decade.

That would be a huge mistake and lead to probably one of the worst buy rates in WrestleMania history. Fans are tired of Cena, even if he makes for familiar, comfortable TV. Orton is a great wrestler, but he lacks the charisma and personality to make him the kind of big star that can crossover and appeal to the masses.

The worst part is that we have already seen these two guys wrestle a million times. We know they will have a decent match. Unless they somehow interject some real-life drama into their storyline, these two guys are going to ignite the masses.

Since it’s WrestleMania XXX, however, the WWE might want to showcase its loyal combatants as a way of thanking them for their WWE efforts.

It shouldn’t happen though. The main event at WrestleMania XXX should be between the biggest starts of the future, not the past. It should involve CM Punk, in some form.

If it doesn’t, the WWE should stay away from an Orton vs. Cena match. It won’t feel special. It won’t feel like something unique.

If they must wrestle, let them do it in a special attraction, not for the two richest prizes in the sport. The WWE should reserve the title matches at WrestleMania for the best workers in the business.

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