WWE Fans Should Rise Up And Demand Daniel Bryan As WWE Champion

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Daniel Bryan — WWE Universe Facebook page

It’s time for the “WWE Universe” to rise up and demand that Daniel Bryan gets the championship.

Yes, Vince McMahon is a genius, but if he is calling the shots with current WWE booking, he’s wrong. Whomever is burying Bryan in the booking is wrong. Bryan should be the WWE champion. He wants it. The fans want. The other wrestlers want it. Instead, we get Bryan teaming with CM Punk in a feud with the Wyatt Family.

It’s not like Bryan is Kofi Kingston, who gets a moderate pop when he enters the ring. Bryan is as over as anyone in the company, including John Cena. Without ever getting a major push, Bryan created a dynamic “Yes” chant and an iconic “double-fist” in the air. Not since Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior have fans reacted so organically to a superstar.

On top of that incredible popularity, Bryan is probably the second-best worker in the business behind CM Punk. Here’s a guy who is a top worker and the most popular guy in the company. That doesn’t happen very often.  Bryan is also good on the microphone. The only logical explanation for Bryan’s burial is that the either he is a big jerk behind the scenes or the WWE is continuing its bias against having little guys on top.

The WWE has always liked to portray itself as bigger than life. From Hulk Hogan to Triple H to John Cena, the longest-reigning champions have been super tall or super-muscular. It has traditionally mattered more that the champion looked great than that he performed well. Even the great Shawn Michaels was never that physically big, and he never held the WWE title for very long during any of his runs.

Fans, however, can get behind a 5-foot-10 Bryan. They already have. WWE fans should rebel on every edition of Monday Night Raw and turn their backs on Randy Orton while chanting “We Want Bryan” — not as a sign of disrespect to Orton, but as a clear message to the WWE brass that the fans want and deserve Bryan as champion.

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