If Hulk Hogan Returns, He Should Come Back As NWO Hogan

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Hulk Hogan, WWE Universe Facebook Page

We don’t need to see Hulk Hogan back in the WWE. We already have an over-hyped, bigger-than-life, average wrestler at the top. We don’t need two John Cenas.

Hulk recently published a picture of himself with a replica WWE title belt with a look on his face as though he was considering another WWE run at the title. God help Vince McMahon‘s payroll if WrestleMania actually takes place with all the names currently rumored to be there. Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Sting, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles are just some of the wrestlers rumored to be heading to WrestleMania.

Hogan was once a great thing for the WWE, but he has also spent a lot of years trying to destroy McMahon and the company. In WCW and TNA, Hogan fought against the WWE.

If Hogan insists on returning, he should give his character another fresh look and return as Hollywood Hogan. He just doesn’t work anymore as the positive, happy character. By now, everybody knows that Hulk Hogan is far from the image he portrays as WWE wrestler.

As a bad guy though, he could actually be valuable to the company. What would happen if he came back as a bad guy to end the Undertaker’s undefeated streak? It would be great television.

What about Hogan as a bad guy taking on CM Punk? Punk could carry Hogan to a great match and still remain the good guy in the end. What about Hogan as a bad guy beating up Michaels, forcing Michaels to come out of retirement to beat the one man who he despises the most in this sport?

There are options for Hogan, but he needs to turn heel and show off his dark side in order for fans to take him seriously.

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