Kane's Monster Within Needs To Come Out

By williambontrager
Image from Kane-WWE Facebook

After Kane made his surprising debut as corporate Kane and assisted in decimating the Big Show, I was excited to see how they would use him.

I was disappointed on Monday Night Raw. I waited for Kane on Smackdown, and nothing was mentioned. I thought, great, they must have something planned big for him on Raw that can’t fit within the tight confines of the Friday night show. Nope, I was wrong again. They had nothing planned for corporate Kane there either, unless it was to portray him as a bumbler like Vicki Guerrero and Brad Maddox.

Come on storytellers! Why are you trying to butcher a great character? I thought it was perfect for Kane to show his evil side as the intimidating muscle and the maniacal brain while Triple H was away. I figured that was the whole reason for the power couple to leave and go on vacation. It seemed like Triple H even set up Kane as the demonic evil lurking behind the curtain with his interview, and decreeing that Kane was his Director of Operations.

Well, as usual, the WWE did not get it. He was used as the third stooge in deciding which matches to book. I watched incredulously while he was used for comedy, just like he was utilized when he tagged with Daniel Bryan.

WWE has an opportunity to have a real demonic presence that adds to the power behind the McMahon dynasty. It is a chance to show the big red machine in a more sinister role than ever before — that the love of money also comes with the hideous hellish spirits that accompany it. He gives the fans a chance to see true evil so that cheering for the babyface isn’t even an option.

Although he fell though on Raw, Kane showed glimpses of this evil when he did his interview with Michael Cole. This is the Kane we need to see more of. This is the Kane that will make us watch an cheer for the Authority’s demise.

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