Tired WWE Storylines Need Competition To Rouse Them

By williambontrager
Photo Courtesy John Cena – Official WWE Universe Facebook page

WWE is a rolling, omnipotent conglomerate and it needs to be put to a humbled halt. They need competition badly so they can get back to true creative form. Last Monday’s Raw was a snore fest. I was nodding off even though the crowd from the United Kingdom was furiously breathing life in to the tired storylines.

For one, the champions have become too predictable. Wow, John Cena overcame the odds (again) against the Real Americans. Cena acted in his typical fashion. He allowed himself to get his behind beat from one ring post to the other. There is always honor in that, especially knowing that makes him looks all the greater when he comes out on top.

But he seemed to neglect the fan’s wishes. They were frothing at the mouth to see the underused Antonio Cesaro spin Cena by his ankles to oblivion as he has done to countless other wrestlers. Yet Cena countered as always, and we were treated to another reason why we should change the channel when Cena wrestles.

That was just one example, but there were countless more. From the start of the program to the finish, Raw was done in a lazy way. When teams win a Super Bowl, it is nearly impossible for them to repeat the next year. This is how WWE has been. They have great athletes, but there is no longer a hunger to keep fans stimulated.

As with everything, competition makes a product better. WWE needs to have something to compete with on Monday nights. It was because of WCW that Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and Mankind, emerged. They had their feet to the fire to expand into something greater. Now they rule the wrestling universe and are gorging on the leftovers.

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