Jerry Lawler Comments On Possibility of Andy Kaufman Being Alive

By Andrew Fisher
Jerry Lawler
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The internet has been buzzing all week with the possibility that Andy Kaufman might still be alive. Kaufman’s brother Michael revealed that he discovered a letter from Andy years ago that said the comedian did indeed fake his own death. Andy Kaufman supposedly died back in 1984 after being diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, but he was also known for talking about faking his death.

While Michael Kaufman was on stage at his brother’s annual awards show a few days back, he brought a woman on stage who claimed to be Andy’s daughter. However, in the days that have followed, the woman has been revealed to be an actress and it’s suspected that Michael Kaufman has been in on the hoax the entire time.

But with all the buzz floating around this week, CNN decided to have Kaufman’s longtime rival Jerry Lawler on to talk about the possibility that the comedian faked his own death:

“I would like nothing better than to know that Andy was still alive and been with us all this time. But like anybody else, I really don’t know any more than what I’ve heard. It could be a great hoax in his honor, dreamed up by his friend Bob Zamuda and his brother, Michael. That would be something that would be in keeping with Andy’s tradition, but who’s to say. It could really be legit. There should be a WrestleMania rematch between Andy and The King. We could rekindle the feud with no problem,” said Lawler.

It seems highly unlikely that Kaufman is still alive. I tend to agree with the King that this latest stun involving his ‘daughter’ is just part of an elaborate plan to pay tribute to Andy.

Here’s one of the most infamous clips in TV history involving Kaufman and Lawler during their feud back in the early 1980s (**Warning** Clip contains strong adult language):


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