Kevin Steen Cannot Carry ROH To Another Level

By williambontrager
Kevin Steem-ROH Facebook

Kevin Steen is terrible!

Who is he, you may ask? Good question, and you shouldn’t get an answer except from hardcore Ring of Honor fans. Now, I won’t bash on Ring of Honor wrestling. On the contrary, I respect any wrestling company that goes up against the worldwide machine of WWE. They have a tremendous mountain to climb.

However, the wrestler that ROH is choosing to take them to the peak is out of shape, sucking wind, lacking charisma and just plain bad. Are ROH fans insane not to see this guy for how he really is?

In 2012, ROH started pushing Steen and he finally became their champion. I still do not know why. Traditionally, the reason why a wrestler gets a push is because they are good workers, have microphone skills and are marketable. Steen is none of the above.

He stands at 5-foot-10, is not muscular but just flabby, while sporting a beer barrel of a belly. He is not intimidatingly big like Vader or Mark Henry, or even Samoa Joe. He is just a normal-looking fat guy with a babyface. However, he has powerful and talented friends that have rallied around him and they have convinced audiences that he is the new version of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In his defense, he is able to do a front flip, but what guy who wrestles doesn’t learn a flip bump on their first day?

Anyone with an objective mindset that has watched him wrestle, wheeze and talk can readily admit that he is not the second coming of anyone, except maybe Archie Bunker. He recently lost his title so maybe ROH can restore some of their dignity that was lost with him steering the ship.

Sorry Steen, you are highly overrated and should count your blessings that you were able to have the success you have had in ROH.

Jim Cornette would be wise to take up on Steen’s popular slogan, “Kill Steen, Kill,” and put an end to this failed gimmick. Multicolored toilet paper streamers don’t exactly scream hardcore.

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