Undertaker's 'Streak' Means Nothing If He Can't Wrestle More Than Just At WrestleMania

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy The Undertaker, WWE Universe Facebook Page

Now would be a great time for the WWE to bring back The Undertaker.

The Undertaker these days appears only at WrestleMania to defend his streak against workers better than he is. The Taker for some reason has a great deal in that he is essentially retired, but can appear in January every year to start a WrestleMania buildup leading up to the continuation of his streak.

The Undertaker is a legend, but he needs to wrestle more in order to make his streak more credible. He’s only 48 years old, which by pro wrestling standards isn’t that old. Hulk Hogan wants to wrestle at WrestleMania and he’s 60, and pretty much broken down.

The Undertaker gets a sweet deal from the WWE apparently because he stayed loyal to the WWE at a time when so many WWE-made superstars left the company for more money in WCW. He’s also apparently a guy to be feared backstage.

Still, his streak is kind of a joke, largely because everyone knows he’s never going to lose. That “streak” is even more meaningless because this supposedly indestructible man is only healthy enough to wrestle one time a year.

The WWE should put Taker in a feud with somebody and have Taker lose. Taker could lose to Daniel Bryan or whomever the Royal Rumble, then No Way Out and then go into WrestleMania as the underdog against an opponent that has beat him twice.

The WWE has got do something to make fans believe that Taker’s streak is actually in jeopardy. The other part is that it’s just not fair to the other wrestlers for Taker to get the perfect schedule and deal. So he doesn’t have to wrestle all year, but gets to come back and beat up some top guy and continue his streak year after year?

What did he do to get that deal? Everybody talks about how guys like Hogan and Shawn Michaels refused to do jobs in their hey day, but the Undertaker is probably laid down fewer times in history than any other big star.

It’s time for the Undertaker to come back and put in some hard time for this generation. He shouldn’t rest on his laurels.

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