Alberto Del Rio Should Portray An MMA-Type Character In The WWE

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Alberto Del Rio, WWE Universe Facebook Page

Alberto Del Rio
has zero chance of defeating John Cena at the WWE Survivor Series.

Del Rio has been given several opportunities to become a major star, but has failed each time. He is one of those wrestlers who is suffering from the WWE’s PG-13 era of family entertainment. Most of the great heels and baby faces of our time got their fame by taking extreme risks in their character. Del Rio has not been allowed to be a great good guy or bad guy, and you can’t be a really great good guy until you have had the opportunity to play a great bad guy.

Del Rio is a natural heel, but the WWE never wanted to have him do mean things. He was more of the Mexican aristocrat who was somewhat of a joke character. He was comedic bad guy, not a feared bad guy. As someone who has legitimate MMA skills, the WWE should turn Del Rio into a Brock Lesnar-like character. Rather than portraying him as a Mexican wrestler, they should drop the cultural and ethnic stereotypes and just let him be an awesome fighter who hurts people.

The WWE needs to give him a makeover, with new music, better clothes and a harsher attitude. Let him sneak attack CM Punk or Daniel Bryan and put a beating on them. Del Rio has all the makings of a major superstar, but the WWE insists on portraying him as an ethnic character.

Del Rio is a good worker who is in shape. If he’s allowed to portray an MMA-type heel character who gets some non-cheating, serious wins over top guys, the fans would rally around his character.

The WWE, however, can’t just keep him around as a low-level main event character. He has great potential, but the WWE has to cut loose of his Mexican aristocrat character and let the wrestler focus on his in-ring performances.

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