Survivor Series: Alberto Del Rio Cannot Defeat John Cena

By Aydin Reyhan
John Cena
Photo courtesy of John Cena’s official Facebook page

All of this trash talk from Alberto Del Rio towards John Cena is nothing short of nonsense. Why? Because the man simply jumps people from behind or finds ways to cheat for the title. The last time he faced Cena, he dominated most of the match due to Cena recovering from his tough elbow injury. Now, he will face a tougher and more determined Cena who will be ready for his first title defense.

This will be for the World Heavyweight Championship, which is the second most prestigious title in the WWE. Some may argue that it is even more important than the WWE title itself, but the fact that the latter has the company name on the belt makes it too important to compare with. Regardless, it is still going to be a very competitive matchup between two vets who know what they have to do to win.

The thing about Cena is that he can take a beating for days during matches and still end up winning with the three-count at the end of the night. Besides last month’s victory over Del Rio to win the title, there is one match that comes to mind when thinking about beatings turned into wins — the match against against Brock Lesnar when he was absolutely manhandled until he finally hit the Attitude Adjustment on the steel steps.

If he can overturn the most brutal beating he has ever taken in a WWE ring into a win against a former UFC World champion (no matter how fake wrestling is), he can easily defeat Del Rio this Sunday at the Series.

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