TNA Facing Changes After Turning Point

By williambontrager
courtesy of TNA Impact-TNA Impact Facebook

In the world of pro wrestling, television ratings don’t mean too much to me.

The fans that enjoy wrestling are few, and TNA Impact ha to contend with some heavy hitters like Glee on Thursdays. So TNA’s televised event on Spike TV, Turning Point, probably did not stun in the ratings. They face a series of popular (and also not very good in my opinion) sitcoms and are also up against Thursday Night Football.

This being said, TNA put on a great show.

If they are to compete with the WWE, then they need to do things that the WWE are unable to do. They took steps toward this on Thursday night. The matchup against Bobby Roode and Cowboy James Storm actually had blood. This isn’t seen in the WWE anymore. They also showed the crowd how exciting it is to watch a match where trashcan lids, bottles, and chairs were still being used against each other to settle disagreements.

They were willing to end eras last night as well. After Brooke tossed a hammer over Bully Ray’s head, inadvertently giving it to Mr. Anderson, he used that hammer and ended the Aces and Eights for good. It will be interesting to see what they do with Bully Ray since he was the main heel for so long.

This event was a success in my opinion. TNA has something that the WWE does not have. They have a hunger and you can see it. In the promos, the stories and the willingness to try new things, TNA is the underdog and that is evident in their scrappiness on television.

Since they are facing some changes, let us see some more development from some wrestlers that didn’t receive a whole lot of air time. They need to do this as they plunge ahead, and they definitely have enough veteran leadership to guide their younger wrestlers.

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