Hopefully Roman Reigns Being Pushed Leads To The Shield's Demise

By williambontrager
Courtesy of Roman Reigns-WWE facebook

WWE has not stuck to the shadows about trying to push the biggest, most powerful member of the Shield, Roman Reigns. Survivor Series proved it in a very predictable fashion — or maybe the WWE is just trying to promote the spear as the most popular finishing move, because four members on the opposing team violently received it that night.

I think it is more likely that Roman Reigns is getting the push. He was the last man standing as the returning Rey Mysterio Jr.was the final wrestler to be viciously bull-rushed to the mat. Reigns conquered in the opening match to Survivor Series. So what is next for him in the WWE’s arsenal of innovative, game-changing ideas? (Yes, that was sarcasm)

Well, Vince McMahon seems to have an infatuation with the larger-than-life characters. Even though Reigns has showed he has the charisma of a brick wall and was the least vocal in the three-man squad, he will most likely be asked to step up his microphone skills. He might graduate from simply saying, “Believe in the Shield” to something like, “Believe in the Shield or face my spear”, which would be a giant step for him.

Due to the applause he received last night in Boston, it seems like he will most likely turn face. He may turn on his team sooner rather than later and break up the stable. In my opinion, this needs to be done anyway.

Sure, the Shield has proven to be the bulldogs of the Authority, but their gimmick is lame. What do the Shield stand for?  They opened last year in Survivor Series by saying that they desire chaos, but then they dress as CIA agents or S.W.A.T. team members. It doesn’t work. There is too much talent to be wasted on this confusing story.

So maybe Reigns spearing more than half of the opposing forces in Survivor Series was the first of many nails stamped in the coffin of Shield. Let us hope so anyway. Believe in the breakup of Shield!

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