Roman Reigns Impresses At WWE Survivor Series

By Damian Seeto
Roman Reigns Looking Hot
Image from Roman Reigns – WWE Universe Facebook

The main event for Survivor Series bored fans, but Roman Reigns made them excited earlier in the night.

Reigns teamed up with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. They went up against Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and The Usos in a traditional Survivor Series match.

Even though Reigns is currently a heel, the WWE booked him to look like an underdog. He and Rollins were the only ones left on their team to take on Rhodes, one of the Usos, Goldust and Mysterio. Reigns actually eliminated four people on the team and eventually won the match basically by himself.

Reigns speared everyone and looked very impressive. Some fans even cheered him after he won. This is an obvious sign that WWE is looking to push Reigns heavily in the future. I have a feeling he will become a huge main event star within the next few years. Reigns’ victory was basically a breath of fresh air in a PPV that was stuffed full of the same old matches. John Cena predictably beat Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton easily disposed of the Big Show in the poor main event.

I’m not sure when WWE will allow Reigns to become WWE Champion, but it should happen soon while he’s hot. It would be cool to see him win the Royal Rumble as a new Rumble winner is needed. Cena winning in this year’s Rumble was unwanted and unnecessary. Rumble winners (in my opinion) should be reserved for new stars only.

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