WWE: Survivor Series Was Trash

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of WWE’s official Facebook page

Besides the match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, the WWE‘s latest PPV was nothing more than a simple bust. Absolutely no match got the crowd going wild, and none deserved any of the attention or money that was put into the event. Hopefully the WWE thinks long and hard about how pathetic it was before making their plans for the next big PPV coming up in January: the Royal Rumble.

Firstly, we begin with the Divas 5-on-5 elimination match with the result being the only aspect worth mentioning: Natalya pinning AJ Lee with Tamina Snuka watching it all go down. That was nothing short of a sweet victory for a woman who is a gem from the prestigious Hart family. She is looking to make a name for herself and she deserves nothing more than to be successful.

Cena took his usual beating, this time from Del Rio, in a match where he would have lost with flying colors if it were not for his unbelievable resilience. He always seems to kick out after some rough moves due to his strength and insurmountable love for the business. Therefore, he got the three count to pin Del Rio for the second month running to defend the almighty World Heavyweight Championship.

The one match that should have never happened was Daniel Bryan and CM Punk versus the two dogs of the Wyatt Family.

The former two are championship-quality guys who deserve nothing less than to be fighting for the World or WWE titles almost every single month. Instead, management allowed the writers to come up with one of the dumbest storylines by pinning them up against a couple of guys who really have no business wrestling in the way that they do: acting like possessed beings with horrible outfits and facial hair, all the while botching a bunch of rather easy moves.

What are you thinking, WWE?

The WWE Championship bout between Randy Orton and the 7-foot challenger, the Big Show was a match where there were supposed to be no interference of any type. Instead, Triple H decided that he, his wife and Kane had to come out to the Game’s music to mess with Show’s mind. Well, it certainly worked as he was hit by the RKO then booted hard in the face to once again be cheated out of the championship.

Did anyone actually put his hands on him besides Orton? No. However, if this was a one-on-one match like it was supposed to be, Show would have pummeled the life out of a man much smaller than him. Show deserved the title, but the management, writers and bosses alike chose to take away yet another chance for him to be the best in the company. Instead, they continue to allow Orton to be the face of the company, which is nothing short of trash.

Enough is enough WWE, the time to make positive changes has come right now. Give the fans what they want, and they will pay you with money and ratings, which is what you need.

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