Xavier Woods' WWE Debut Is A Total Failure

By Brian Anderson
Image courtesy of Xavier Woods Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

No one may have noticed, but we were witness to one of the worst debuts in WWE history last week on Monday Night RawXavier Woods.

This guy came out as excited as anyone I’ve ever seen. He was obviously happy to be on television, but the live crowd had no reaction. Everyone probably thought that some sick joke was being played on them as Woods shucked and jived his way around the arena. As their jobs required them to do, the announcing team hyped up Woods’ debut, but even they sounded like they knew they were kidding themselves.

Woods’ appearance isn’t that of a WWE superstar. He’s small, ugly and seems completely out of place. He is sporting the out-of-date Jeri Curl hairstyle along with a funny looking mustache. His ring attire is about the only thing this guy has going for him — at least in the ring. Michael Cole informed the WWE Universe that Woods was on his way to getting his PhD. He’ll be needing that to fall back on if he’s as big of a flop as he seems to be so far.

The WWE Universe has already spoken — with silence. I doubt if the WWE will try to push Woods onto fans if he continues to get no reaction from the crowd. You’re either a heel or a face who gets booed or cheered; there is no in-between. Woods had to do something right in order to make his way onto television, so it’s fair if he gets a chance to make a name for himself. However, it’s something I don’t see happening.

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