TNA: Team Angle And Team Roode Shows How Great Tag Team Wrestling Can Be

By williambontrager
courtesy of Impact Wrestling-Impact Wrestling Facebook

Thanksgiving saw its share of excitement around the sports world, but what generate as much attention was how great Team Roode vs. team Angle was last night on TNA Impact. For pro wrestling fans, however, it was an elimination tag team that provided plenty of holiday excitement for the audience.

We witnessed how good tag team wrestling can be when it’s performed by dynamic characters in and out the ring. Bobby Roode’s team was Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Chris Sabin and Roode himself. They went up against against the team led by Kurt Angle, consisting of  Magnus, Cowboy James Storm and Gunner. All of these guys showed why they are experts at their art.

They instantly beat out any match from Survivor Series not so much with their athleticism, but with their professionalism and personality. We witnessed things that just aren’t done anymore. Whether it was a simple audience stunt like a no-look foot grab, or the hilarious reaction from Sabin to Gunner’s intimidating size that caused him to retreat, it was all entertaining.

I also found it very believable when Angle was able to suplex every member of team Roode towards the close of the match. It did not seem like an easy attempt to get a wrestler over, or something based out of pride like I feel when I am watching John Cena. I think it was setting fire to the feud against his rival Roode. In the end, Roode’s team won, but Angle slammed everyone and gave them crushing chair shots, creating even more tension between the two.

TNA is on a roll, whereas WWE hasn’t been able to elicit the same kind of excitement with two weekly shows and their historically prominent pay-per-views. The tag team elimination match has me hooked for more. With the right blend of comedy, action and emotion, TNA Impact has once again beaten Monday Night Raw.

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