TNA Tops WWE With Effective Heel Characters

By williambontrager
Image courtesy of Impact Wrestling-Impact Wrestling Facebook

TNA Impact ended with a tremendous brawl. Pumpkin pies were being smashed on faces, turkey breasts were being brandished weapons and two skinny geeks flew off the top ropes in turkey suits. The table that was so nicely prepared earlier by the guy Dixie Carter set up as manager was overturned soon after all of the heels sat down and declared what they were thankful for.

Not only was I highly entertained by this segment, I also saw something that the WWE has a short supply of lately: effective heel characters. Around the table was Bobby Roode and his motley team. They had won their match against Kurt Angle earlier by disqualification, so their prize was a steaming and delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared and brought to the center of the ring.

I looked at his team and I saw effective heels. Chris Sabin was among them. He won his victory by shamelessly throwing his girlfriend at his opponents, giving him enough time and space to seal his victory. Also seated was the hilarious tag team of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. They make up the team called Bad Influence and impress every week with their antics and bullying.

With the exception of Gail Kim, I saw that TNA has enough great heels to create great babyfaces too. Without the Rick Flairs of the world, you can’t have good guys. So whether it was the Bro-Mance, the team of Bad Influence, or great actors and wrestlers such as Roode and Sabin, TNA comes prepared with powerfully nefarious and scheming individuals every week.

I look at the WWE, and I don’t see the same depth in the heel department. Hopefully they will learn a little something from TNA, but they seem paralyzed with running the same formula. Here is hoping that they turn John Cena heel, make Damien Sandow a top bad guy, and allow Kane to something more than just a stooge that shifts about uncomfortably behind Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Until then, I don’t see them competing with the team that was gathered around the ring on Impact to stuff their boastful faces.

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