Daniel Bryan Should Become Temporary Wyatt Family Member

By williambontrager
Image courtesy of WWE Facebook

WWE Monday Night Raw should be interesting this week.

Where is Daniel Bryan? He was hauled out by the ominous and twisted Wyatt Family, and I have not tried to cheat and look at spoilers. I am hoping that the WWE will bring out the widely popular wrestler with his mind wiped clean, except for the fragments of insanity that Bray puts in it. In short, I hope that the “yes” chants will cease for a while because Brian will be under their control.

This needs to happen because the WWE failed to do anything when they dragged off Kane. They must have had an idea for a story, but then maybe decided in the heat of the moment that Kane was going to be the newest member of the Authority instead of the Wyatt Family’s puppet. Kane would have made a great mindless, hellish servant, but Bryan will make a better one.

Brian is like Wolverine. His moves are quick, deadly and technical. He rushes people at top speed with teeth-shattering flying knees, sporadic back-flips to avoid opponents, and soaring suicidal dives through the ring ropes. He cannot be contained when he gets on a roll, like Logan on a Berserker Fury, slashing his claws at anything that dare take a step towards him.

Bryan could be the perfect temporary fourth member of the Wyatts. He is a great actor, and would pull off the gimmick with eerie precision. His moves are deadly when combined with Luke Harper’s clotheslines and Bray Wyatt’s “Mother Abigail.” This type of a change can even make the 5-foot-10 veteran a champion, conquering CenaOrton, or whoever else that doesn’t deserve to carry the belt to the ring.

What a storyline this could be if the WWE has any guts! I am worried that they will think that the drastic change of their most popular wrestler will shock fans and will threaten sales and advertisements. Turning Bryan in to a heel would be a courageous move in the right direction. It offers fuel for great future stories. Bryan could eventually be deprogrammed, get pissed off, go after the Wyatts with Punk, and the “yes” chant would return with an uproarious vengeance.

For now, change the slogan “respect the beard” to “fear the beard”, because a glassy-eyed violent Bryan is coming to the WWE. At least, that is my insane hope.

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