Did WWE Ignore Daniel Bryan-Wyatt Family Feud?

By Damian Seeto
The Wyatt Family Kidnaps Daniel Bryan
Image from Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe Facebook

It seems continuity doesn’t exist in the WWE anymore as The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan’s story hasn’t progressed.

Storylines in TV series usually have continuity and cliffhangers to leave viewers wanting to see what happens on the next week. It’s an old trick to keep viewers hooked on a TV series. Wrestling has been doing this for years now, but not recently.

Last week on Raw, we saw Bryan getting kidnapped by the Wyatt Family. This left the viewer guessing as to what they were going to do with him. Many speculated that they would “brainwash” Bryan to become one of them. An interesting story would be for Bryan to temporarily become a heel and face CM Punk.

None of this occurred this week on Raw however. It appeared WWE forgot about the kidnapping because Bryan appeared on Raw acting as if nothing happened. It’s like WWE’s writers forgot he got kidnapped. How did he escape, or did the Wyatt’s let him go? This is the same thing that happened with Kane too. The Wyatt’s kidnapped him, but he came back without mentioning it.

This is the reason why the WWE is not like it was in the Attitude Era anymore. The writers don’t allow the viewers to get hooked into a storyline. All we see are the same wrestlers in the same matches with no engaging storyline to go with it. Hopefully this is something they improve on in 2014 as this type of thing has been going on for far too long.

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