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5 Ways WWE Can Turn Around Its Stale Product

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5 Ways The WWE Can Become Cool Again

Photo Courtesy CM Punk Facebook page

Catch phrases. Ice cream bars. Heel managers. Abductions. Shawn Michaels. Those were the days. The WWE is entertaining these days, but it's fallen from the days when it was thrilling, dramatic and intriguing. It too often focuses on insider info. Who actually cares who has the power in the company? Fans want to see entertaining characters and emotional storylines. Did anybody care who was in charge when Ric Flair and Ricky 'the Dragon' Steamboat were changing the wrestling world one reverse knife edge and sunset flip at a time?

The WWE should just do a reset and start the new year with some fresh storylines. The first thing the WWE should do is stop over-scripting its shows and listen to the fans. The best angles are the ones where the fans develop an emotional connection with the wrestlers. What to the fans at the live events respond most to? Duh, it's Daniel Bryan. Who's second? CM Punk of course. Third? John Cena. There's nothing wrong with keep Cena in one of the top spots, but his character is old and he needs to turn heel. The WWE panicked early this year and forced Cena to return early because ratings were dropping on Monday Night Raw without them. What's going to happen when Cena gets so injured and can't return quickly?

The WWE needs to build new superstars and consider bringing back what worked from the past, but fans may have forgotten. The WWE is also has a big lack of quality matches on top. Cena is a hard worker, but he's not a good wrestler. The best wrestlers in the company right now don't have championships: Punk, Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. The WWE needs to showcase great wrestling matches again. The days of Michaels stealing the show are unfortunately long gone. Here's a look at five ways the WWE can get cool again.

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5. Unless He's Wrestling, Boot Triple H Off Television

Triple H
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Triple H, god bless him, needs to take a break from WWE television. He's a legend and an icon, but he doesn't need to be playing the role of heel CEO. That job belongs to Vince McMahon. Triple H should be wrestling or totally behind the scenes. He's essentially playing the McMahon role, but there's no need to have anyone play that role other than McMahon. Triple H is kind of boring on the microphone, and he's best delivering Harley Race knees to his opponent's face.

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4. Bring Back Shane McMahon To Feud With Triple H

Shane McMahon
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Where the heck is Shane McMahon? How about a storyline where McMahon returns for control of his father's company and vows to destroy Triple H and his own sister Stephanie to do it? Somehow, Triple H has become the heir to the throne while McMahon is off in limbo. Shane McMahon was so cool when he was young. He was a daredevil, took risks and had a sense of humor. If he were to return, he could have a memorable feud with Triple H, the man who stole his real-life identity.

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3. Hire The Ultimate Warrior To Lead The Real Americans

Ultimate Warrior
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Talk about natural heat. The Ultimate Warrior was once the most popular guy in the sport. Now he has the potential to be the biggest heel. A well-known conservative, the Warrior would be the perfect fit to lead the Real Americans. He's self-centered, arrogant and intolerant. What a perfect position for him to be in. The Warrior needs to come back for one more great match, and the conservative-libertarian stable current led by Zeb Colter would be the ideal place for the Warrior to land and return to his glory.

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2. Bring Back Jim Ross To Call PPV Events

Jim Ross
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"Good god, somebody stop the d--n match!" Jim Ross is the greatest wrestling announcer of all time, yet we have to listen to Michael Cole every week and on PPVs. There's nothing wrong with Cole. He's fine, but he's not Ross and Ross has a way of telling wrestlers' stories and making stars out of mid-carders. Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Fandango and the Miz would benefit greatly from having Ross call their matches.

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1. Duh, Put The Title On Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan
Photo Courtesy Daniel Bryan Facebook page

The fans wants it. Vince McMahon always said he listens to his fans. Rather than having to endure the tired Randy Orton vs. John Cena feud, the WWE can make it easy on all of us and put the strap on the most popular guy in the company. What a concept.