AJ Styles Leaves TNA Wrestling For Good

By Damian Seeto
Image courtesy of AJ Styles — TNA Nation Official Facebook Page

One of the best wrestlers from TNA Wrestling has now left the company. Where does AJ Styles go from here?

Well, his contract expires next week, but TNA has already taped episodes of Impact where he bids farewell. His last match was with Magnus, where they fought to unify two TNA World Titles. In the storyline, Styles left as the TNA Champion, but Dixie Carter created another TNA Title in his absence. When he came back, TNA needed to unify both titles so only one champion remains.

Styles lost to Magnus and said his goodbyes. The crowd cheered him on, and Styles will no longer be a part of the company. This is quite a sad thing considering Styles was one of the TNA originals from 2002. He has accepted independent bookings, so his future won’t be too bad. It’s unlikely that the WWE will sign him. They were never keen on smaller guys, and are also not very high on wrestlers that were in TNA to start with anyway.

Personally, I prefer Styles’ in-ring wrestling to that of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. If Styles were to rejoin TNA, I’m sure he’d have great matches with a lot of people. He is my favorite high-flyer behind Rey Mysterio in his prime. Even if he agrees to join the WWE, I’m sure they’d offer him less money than what he can earn via independent bookings.

Hopefully, either TNA or the WWE will sign Styles in the near future. It seems unfortunate that a guy with so much talent won’t be wrestling on a worldwide stage anymore. Sure, Ring of Honor is popular, but it doesn’t get as many viewers as TNA or the WWE gets on a weekly basis.

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