Vince McMahon Should Return To WWE Broadcast Booth

By Joshua Molina
Photo Courtesy Vince McMahon Official Facebook page

So much of the WWE talent is wasted or misused, and it starts at the top.

It’s understandable that Vince McMahon would want to slow down after two decades in a prominent role in the sport, but he needs to understand that the WWE needs him on television. McMahon needs to be on the show every week, and not as a heel chairman who appears every few weeks to give ratings a boost.

McMahon knows professional wrestling so well that he should be in the broadcast booth calling matches. He was there when the WWE exploded into the mainstream in the 1980s and again with its second big boom in the 1990s.

McMahon isn’t Jim Ross, but he has a style all his own. Like his on-air persona, he’s over-the-top and dramatic. McMahon knows how to build a match and sell it. Sometimes, he calls a pinfall too early. “One, two, three, he got ’em … no, how did he kick out of that?” McMahon has a style all of his own, and it worked for a long time. The current WWE announce team is fine, but nothing memorable.

Jerry “The King” Lawler really hasn’t been funny in a decade. Justin Bradshaw Layfield was funny when he was a Smackdown announcer, but he’s run out of material and seems to hold back a bit these days. Michael Cole is fine, but he doesn’t tell stories like Ross and even McMahon used to. It’s time for the WWE to mix it up a bit, and getting McMahon back in the weekly spotlight is a good first step.

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