WWE Should Book Brock Lesnar vs. Dave Batista In An MMA Match At WrestleMania

By Joshua Molina
Image courtesy of Dave Batista Official Facebook Page

Instead of the Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a scripted fight, the WWE should take on the UFC and book a couple of professional wrestlers in a MMA match.

Brock Lesnar, of course, is the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world, having knocked out Randy Couture to win the title. Lesnar retired from MMA with a 5-3 record and returned to the WWE to make a lot more money without having to worry about Cain Velasquez wiping the mat with him.

Dave Batista took part in one MMA fight in 2012 and won by a knockout. The WWE should have a little fun and book Lesnar vs. Batista at WrestleMania. The match would spark mainstream interest. Lesnar would have an opportunity to win his final MMA fight. Batista would have a chance to defeat a former UFC world champion.

The WWE would also be take a chance at promoting MMA, a move that it surprisingly hasn’t ventured into yet. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is a daring risk-taker who would probably enjoy MMA promotion, even if it is only for one night. Whomever wins the MMA fight, the WWE could have them fight at the following Backlash PPV in a pro wrestling match.

The move might lure other MMA fighters to join the WWE. Would they jump ship if the knew they could wrestle professionally and have an occasional MMA fight promoted by the WWE? The WWE doesn’t need to promote MMA fights, but doing so once in awhile would be extra entertainment for the fans, while giving legitimate MMA fighters another place to showcase their skills.

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