WWE Monday Night Raw's Final Segment Is Instant Classic

By Brian Anderson
Photo Courtesy of WWE Official Facebook Page

A crowd of WWE Superstars stood watch in the ring as Randy Orton and John Cena were face-to-face with both major championships hanging in the background. One thing we have all come to know is that whenever there is a crowd of superstars in the ring, mayhem will usually prevail. Only this time, “mayhem” was a huge understatement.

A cheap shot from Orton to Cena’s big noggin’ started an epic brawl, which lead to an even bigger scene. Orton and Cena had been completely separated at one point, but things got completely out of control when Orton shoved CM Punk in an attempt to get his venomous hands on Cena. The straight-edged superstar responded with blows, and that lead to Triple H stepping in to enforce his authority.

The Game shoved Punk to the ground. Punk quickly retaliated, but his efforts were cut short by a deadly surprise — a Sweet Chin Music from the Triple H’s best friend, Shawn Michaels.

Daniel Bryan did not take to well to Michaels’ attack, hitting him with a powerful running-knee, something he has probably been waiting to do after Michaels cost him his WWE Championship. Orton attempted an RKO while Bryan’s attention was on HBK. Bryan countered, incidentally shoving Orton into Stephanie McMahon. Triple H attended to Stephanie, then he took his anger out on Orton, delivering a Pedigree that was heard around the WWE Universe.

At that point, we all knew things would never be the same for any of the superstars involved in this insane battle. As we head into TLC on Sunday, no one knows what to expect. I am going to say that I believe this will lead to some sort of confusion and we will see both Orton and Cena leave TLC with their titles.

You could see the WWE setting up possible Wrestlemania 30 storylines if you use your imagination. What I imagine is that CM Punk will not be too happy with HBK and HHH. I think there is a chance we could see an epic showdown between either Punk and Michaels or Punk and Hunter at Wrestlemania 30.

I would prefer to see Punk against Michaels. That match sounds so epic that it is wild to even fathom that we would be treated to such a wonderful bout between the two mega-stars. If HHH wanted to do what was best for business, then he would be doing everything in his power to ensure that Punk vs. Michaels does indeed happen.

Another Wrestlemania 30 match that would be plausible after tonight’s war in the ring is Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. These two have been on a collision course for a while now. If CM Punk vs. HBK does not happen, then I do not see why Bryan vs. HBK would not go down at the biggest event of the year, WM30.

Although we know it’s a stretch to imagine Michaels returning to the ring, his actions as of late should not go unanswered. Something big has to come of all the recent confusion. WWE cannot let us down once again. If they are, then they could have at least sent everyone home happy with Bret Hart (who was also in the ring during the scuffle) slapping a Sharpshooter on Michaels for old time’s sake.

We also saw Cena standing tall in the Authority‘s corner as Raw went off the air. Could we see Cena make a long-awaited heel turn? I truly wish he would. That way, it would not really matter who he faced at Wrestlemania, even though I think it should be Brock Lesnar or Hulk Hogan.

Either way, WWE fans finally have a reason to be excited as the company’s Wrestlemania plans start to unravel. I have not been this anxious to see what happens next in a very long time. I’m sure plenty of other wrestling junkies feel the same way. Is it Sunday yet?

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