Could We Be Seeing The End of The Shield?

By Brian Anderson
Photo Courtesy of WWE’s Official Facebook Page

The Shield has run wild in the WWE since their debut at Survivor Series 2012 when they triple-power-bombed Ryback through the announcers table to allow CM Punk to retain his WWE Championship in a triple-threat match that included John Cena. This dynamic trio of superstars is still a force in the WWE, but their time may be running out.

In recent weeks, we have seen a little animosity between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Just this past Monday, Ambrose demanded that his two friends leave the ringside area during a match against Punk. It appeared that Ambrose might have been angry with the two because they failed to take advantage of Punk while the referee’s back was turned.

Earlier in the night, all three members of the Shield presented a Slammy Award. While at the podium, they gave each other some rather dirty looks as each member cut the other off in mid-sentence. The recent controversy surrounding this team could be being blown out of proportion, or we could be seeing a breach of justice within the Shield.

If they do indeed split, I would be truly upset. The only plausible reason to break this group is so that each member could pursue a career in singles competition. It has been reported that Roman Reigns will soon be receiving a major push and being in the Shield would only hold him back. If anyone were to receive a push, it would make sense that the U.S. Champion would be the most sensible choice. He is clearly the most popular and skilled member.

Maybe all of this is a setup to a feud between the current members. If they do disband, I don’t see why the WWE would simply replace Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins with three other wrestlers, seeing as the Shield is more or a symbol rather than a wrestling group. This would keep the fans of the group intact and give three other up-and-coming wrestlers a chance to shine.

If that does indeed happen, I think Brodus Clay, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett would be great replacements.

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