WWE Desperate As WrestleMania Draws Near

By williambontrager
courtesy of WWE Facebook

The lights go out, and then his face looms, grinning on the big screen. The little hero stands in the center of the ring looking like a David making his stand against Goliath. Daniel Bryan is a wanted man, and the ones that want him are Bray Wyatt and his insane company that follows him.

But WWE is going to let this story sit.

HBK superkicks his way in to the main storyline, revealing to wrestling fans why he was allowed to be involved in Hell in the Cell and adds to the array of events leading up to WrestleMania.

The culture has changed over the years. We want cheap entertainment, and we want it instantly like we are waiting for our syrupy burger to be slapped on a bun and drowned in some secret soupy sauce. This fast food style of entertainment hasn’t been more prevalent than in the WWE lately.

The stories are constantly being changed at the last minute, and instead of quality drama we are seeing superstars flying diagonally out of the air like someone were playing Marvel vs. Capcom. Just add superstars and watch the numb WWE audience swallow it, smile, and slap their fins for more fishy product from the creative team of Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Well I’m not buying it.

TNA has a messier product in many ways, but they are at least sticking to the storyline. They aren’t just adding an exploding car because exploding cars look really awesome on television, but this is exactly what the WWE is doing. The faster the deadline approaches to WrestleMania the more they scurry to find a story and stick it together haphazardly. This is a cheapened appeal to fans which is designed to cause people to run to their cable providers or satellite companies to purchase the next pay-per-view. Is this working?

I turned off the unification ceremony on Raw because my brain cannot take anymore of Orton or John Cena. Now that CM Punk and  Bryan are involved, I’m sure they will try to squeeze the Wyatt’s into the already jumbled mess. My hopes no longer lie in a Daniel Bryan turning temporary heel and fighting CM Punk at WrestleMania. Instead, I will try to play ignorant and watch the faceless wrestlers try to convince us they don’t like each other.

As much as I respect Shawn Michaels I am afraid that the WWE is not going to give the mentor-protege story adequate justice. Cena will hog the spotlight, Punk will be cast as a guy that just wants to fight somebody, and Orton will continue to strut around boring me out of my skin. TNA Impact cannot come soon enough for me this week.

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